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An amazing relic coming out of nowhere. A journey back in time to discover all the secrets Fucine Lake had been hiding beneath its surface.

With Alessandro, an Architecture college student, and his new friends, you will discover the origins of Goddess Angizia's cult and how the symbol of the Chimera was linked to the legendary military exploits of Marsian people.
You'll discover, with astonishing historical revelations, how deep the bond with the Roman Empire was and you'll marvel at how strong that bond is still today.
You'll be charmed by this incredible treasure hunt which will reveal all the secrets of Alba Fucens city-state and, together with the protagonists, you'll see all the ambitious project which through the centuries led to Fucine Lake drainage.
All this in a fascinating spy-story which, in two thousand years of history, will let you discover this magical place, still unknown to many.

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